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Below you can find one of the most common type of Rosa Porrino granite available in the market.

Rosa Porrino granite

Rosa Porrino granite


The Rosa Porrino is a pink coloured granite, with medium to gross grain. It presents some white-grey-black coloured areas. This is a hard natural stone. | Description

Recommended Use

It is recommended for flooring with moderate to high utilization, exterior or interior. It is also a common type of stone used in exterior cladding and coverings. | Applications

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Other names for the Rosa Porrino granite

The Rosa Porrino is a pink coloured granite from Spain that is a reference granite all over the world. The Rosa Porrino has set the standards for pink coloured granites and opened a large market for this type of granite.

Introduction to the main Spanish granites

Spain is one of the leading exports of granite in the world, with a considerable market share. Until very recently it was the nÂș3 granites exporter behind China and India, but today things might have changed with emerging countries like Brazil accessing a wider market.