Other names for the Rosa Porrino granite

The Rosa Porrino is a pink coloured granite from Spain that is a reference granite all over the world. The Rosa Porrino has set the standards for pink coloured granites and opened a large market for this type of granite.

Introduction to the main Spanish granites

Spain is one of the leading exports of granite in the world, with a considerable market share. Until very recently it was the nÂș3 granites exporter behind China and India, but today things might have changed with emerging countries like Brazil accessing a wider market.

Rosa Porrino granite potential finishing

The Rosa Porrino as a granite is a very hard natural stone, which accepts pretty much any kind of finishing available. However and mainly because of its tri-coloured background and structure, there are few finishings that we would mostly recommend.

Introduction to the Rosa Porrino pink granite

The Rosa Porrino is a relevant pink coloured granite from Spain. It has gained international recognition in the past few years and has brought much attention to granite as a natural stone for decoration and construction overall.