Rosa Porrino granite potential finishing

The Rosa Porrino as a granite is a very hard natural stone, which accepts pretty much any kind of finishing available. However and mainly because of its tri-coloured background and structure, there are few finishings that we would mostly recommend. These are:



The most popular type of finishing and also the one that most highlights the Rosa Porrino true colours. The polished finishing presents a very shiny look and great contrast between the different colours of this granite.

This is a preferential type of finishing to the used on flooring applications.

Rosa Porrino granite polished



Another popular type of finishing, the flamed is a preferential finishing to be used on exterior applications. It maintains much of the original colour of the Rosa Porrino (but lighter), but adding and strong anti-slippery surface.

This is a major type of finishing that is used on paving of public spaces, mostly for large scale projects where pieces with considerable thickness are required.

Rosa Porrino granite flamed



Another popular type of finishing and a great alternative to the flamed finishing. The bush-hammered makes the Rosa Porrino look lighter, but still giving a strong roughness to the graniteĀ“s surface.

It is commonly used on public spaces paving projects, just as the flamed finishing. It is also used on wall coverings and cladding projects.

Rosa Porrino granite bush-hammered



A good choice of finishing is you are looking for a smooth anti-slippery surface. The brushed finishing presents a lighter Rosa Porrino, but with this anti-slippery property.

This is mostly used on exterior flooring, as well as diverse interior decoration applications.

Rosa Porrino granite brushed


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