Introduction to the main Spanish granites

Spain is one of the leading exports of granite in the world, with a considerable market share. Until very recently it was the nº3 granites exporter behind China and India, but today things might have changed with emerging countries like Brazil accessing a wider market.

Regardless of its world ranking position, Spain is home to some very interesting granite. These are mostly extracted in the north of the country by some fairly large family-run companies. Some granites we find important to present as important are:


Rosa Porrino

The nº1 of Spanish granite, the Rosa Porrino is a pink coloured granite, with medium to gross grain and uniform background. It is mainly composed by white-grey-black coloured areas, organized on a specific form. Its main variations depend on the thickness and uniformity of grain, which can be more or less.

There are considerable reserves of this granite for future extraction.

Rosa Porrino granite



The Rosavel is an interesting granite, as it presents similar colours to the Rosa Porrino but a completely different grain structure. The Rosavel is a pink coloured granite, with gross grain and fairly uniform background. This granite is characterized by its large pink coloured areas. It is also composed by smaller black and white areas. This is a fairly hard natural stone. Its variations depend on the grain size and colour uniformity.



Gris Perla

The Gris Perla is a grey coloured granite, with medium to gross grain, large crystals and a compact structure. Its main colours are the grey, white and black, with different dimensions. Its variations depend on the dimensions of grain, as well as amount of each colour.

The Gris Perla is one of the reference grey coloured granites from Spain.

Gris Perla granite


Azul Platino

The Azul Platino is a purple / bluish coloured granite, with medium grain and uniform background. Its main colours are the purple, blue and grey, with a dominance of the grey and purple ones. This is a compact stone with a considerable hardness.

This granite is very popular in Asian countries.

Azul Platino granite


Blanco Cristal

The Blanco Cristal is a white coloured granite, presenting a thin to medium grain and an irregular background. This is a compact stone with considerable hardness. It presents a grey, black and white coloured background with dominance of white colour.

The Blanco Cristal is the best opportunity for a Spanish white granite to compete in the international market.

Blanco Cristal granite


Rosa Mondariz

The Rosa Mondariz is a pink / greyish coloured granite, with gross grain, compact and with an irregular fracture. It presents a white, pink, brownish and grey coloured background. This is a fairly hard natural stone. In terms of variations, these depend on the grain thickness and colours variation.

The Rosa Mondariz presents a similar grain structure to the Rosa Porrino, but with a slight more brownish/greyish colour.

Rosa Mondariz granite


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