Other names for the Rosa Porrino granite

The Rosa Porrino is a pink coloured granite from Spain that is a reference granite all over the world. The Rosa Porrino has set the standards for pink coloured granites and opened a large market for this type of granites. Today, there are similar granites from different origins being commercialized all over the world, but the Rosa Porrino will still remain a pioneer for this type of granite.

Due to its fame and international recognition, this granite has taken several different names according to each supplier, market, project, etc. We present below some of these alternative names that identify the Spanish Rosa Porrino:

- Rosa Porrinho: the Portuguese name for the Rosa Porrino granite. There is a variation of the Rosa Porrino being extracted in Portugal.

- Porrino Pink: the English name for the Rosa Porrino granite, it is common to use this name on English speaking countries.

- Spanish Pink granite: a generalist name to describe the Rosa Porrino granite. If we talk about Spanish pink granite, we normally refers to its main reference: the Rosa Porrino

- Porrino granite: simply known as Porrino granite. Porrino is the town nearby where the Rosa Porrino granite quarries are located.


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